Smaller Reactor - Smaller Quantities

Small-Tonnage Production of Sulfuric Acid

08.05.2015 CAC has optimized sulfuric acid technology for the production of small-tonnage quantities. The system is capable of producing quantities up to 25,000 tons per year and uses a smaller reactor with improved efficiency. The isothermal reaction process allows conversion rates of more than 95 percent with only one fluid bed stage.


The system has been developed for small-sized specialized companies with correspondingly small operating areas and an annual demand for sulfuric acid of up to 25,000 tons. Therefore it can be operated in remote places, in companies with relatively low demand for sulfuric acid (e.g. for production of hydrofluoric acid or explosives or for so-called bioleaching). The newly developed process releases a lot of energy in the form of reaction heat. This can be utilized for generating power or heating buildings. The compact design allows for installation on a rack. The plant is a skid-mounted unit and, therefore, can be easily transported and operated in parallel with an existing plant (capacity increase). The technology is suitable for the treatment of oxygenated process gases with high content of SO2 (e.g. metallurgical processes) and conversion by means of wet catalysis.
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Facts for Decision Makers:


  • isothermal reaction process
  • compact design
  • skid-mounted unit