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Amixon AM-type Mixer High Mixture Qualities from 5 Percent Filling Level

Amixon AM-type Mixer

06.05.2015 The AM-type mixer from Amixon has a conical floor and utilizes the Sin Convex-mixing tool. The design allows ideal mixture qualities to be achieved even from a filling level of just 5 percent. The upward spiral movement of the mixture is enforced by the helical ribbon mixing tool, while the downward flow takes place naturally due to the effect of gravity. mehr

Dust and Loss Free Powder Introduction

PiloTec Processing System

26.04.2012 The multi-functional PiloTec processing system from ystral permits tried-and-tested production processes to be perfomed on a laboratory scale. Proven Conti-TDS technology ensures that powder is introduced dust and loss free, wetted under vacuum, and dispersed - all in one passage. mehr