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Abfüllmaschine LF200 Kompakt und bedienerfreundlich

Abfüllmaschine LF200

Produktbericht13.08.2012 Die neue Produktfamilie LF 200 von Romaco zum Abfüllen von Flüssigkeiten in Flaschen wurde aufgrund der wachsenden Nachfrage nach Hochgeschwindigkeitsmaschinen entwickelt. mehr

Compact and Versatile

Liquid Filling Line Macofar LF 200

Produktbericht07.05.2012 The Macofar LF 200 liquid filling line from Romaco fills pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic liquids into bottles. The machine's maximum output is 12,000 bottles an hour, depending on the filling volume and product type. mehr

Heat-sealing Machine Siebler HM 1/230 Also Ideal for Contract Packagers

Heat-sealing Machine Siebler HM 1/230

Produktbericht07.05.2012 The Siebler HM 1/230 vertical heat-sealing machine from Romaco integrates easily into a line thanks to the innovative Flextrans and Fixtrans transfer stations. mehr

Blister Line Noack 960R Higher Operating Efficiency

Blister Line Noack 960R

Produktbericht07.05.2012 The servo-controlled Quicktransfer system from Romaco connects the Noack 960R blister machine to the Promatic PC 4250 continuous horizontal cartoner to form a single, integrated line. This permits the robotic transfer station to convey each individual blister more securely from the die dutting unit directly to the cartoner. mehr