Extra-bright Portable Lights

6148 Series LED Luminaires

08.05.2015 Peaking at 24,000 cd, R. Stahl's 6148 series of LED luminaires achieve a much higher luminous intensity than most portable lamps on the market. Microprocessor control ensures a constant light output irrespective of the battery charge condition, which can be easily checked on an indicator on the lamp.

6148 Series LED Luminaires

These extremely bright LED-based portable lights allow easy one-hand operation (Picture: R. Stahl)

These very resilient floodlights are not only suitable for everyday industrial applications, but have been specifically designed for fire fighter, rescue or disaster relief operations, including exposure to extreme conditions and hazardous areas (zones 1, 21, 2 and 22). In addition to Atex and IEC Ex certifications, these lights also comply with the German firefighting equipment standard DIN 14642. They tolerate ambient temperatures between -20 °C and +50 °C, are shock-proof and vibration-resistant, and provide IP66 ingress protection – even placing them in deep puddles causes no problems. The ergonomic design and low weight of only 1.45 kg facilitate comfortable one-hand operation. The head swivels 190 degrees, so the light can always be swiftly adjusted to the most useful position. The LEDs are specified for 50,000 hours of operation.

Hall 11.1 – C45
Facts for Decision Makers:


  • high luminous intensity 
  • constant light output
  • battery indicator