An Energy-Saving Tool

ACS580 Drive

04.04.2015 By facilitating drive selection, set up, operation and maintenance, the ACS580 from ABB efficiently transforms complicated processes into simple-to-control ones

ACS580 Drive

The kWh counters monitor hourly, daily and cumulative energy consumption of the drive (Picture: ABB)

The drive is virtually plug-in-ready to control pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers and many other variable and basic constant-torque applications, while requiring very little time for set up and commissioning. All essential features are built-in, making drive selection and use easy, and giving users better management and savings of precious energy. The power range is 0.75 to 250 kW and the voltage range is 208 to 480 V. The wall-mounted drive is available with IP21 enclosure. Drives with IP55 enclosure for harsh environments will be available soon. It controls the process more energy efficiently based on actual need, rather than on the fixed-speed and mechanical flow control approach often used in applications such as pumps and fans. An energy optimizer feature ensures maximum torque per ampere and reduces the amount of energy drawn from the supply. The drive supports different motors, including high-efficiency permanent magnet motors. The kWh counters monitor hourly, daily and cumulative energy consumption of the drive. The energy saving calculators show savings for energy, CO2 emissions and money when the drive replaces other control methods (e.g. direct on-line). This makes it easy to see how fast the drive brings a return on investment.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • IP21 enclosure
  • 0.75 to 250 kW
  • 208 to 480 V


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