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02.01.2013 Evides Industriewater – a 100% subsidiary of Evides NV – currently owns and operates water treatment plants in major European sites and parks, including the harbor-industrial parks of Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Stade (Ger­many).


Evides has become the biggest supplier of industrial water and services to the industry in the Benelux and is also responsible for the production and supply of water for the agricultural sector. In addition to this, Evides has various industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants in ownership. These waste water treatment plants are constructed according to DBFO principles, which means that Evides is responsible for all stages of the realisation of the plant from engineering, construction, financing up to the full-scale long-term operational management.

Process water through DBFO contracts
Evides Industriewater is a leading provider of water services to mainly the (petro) chemical industries in the Benelux. Acting as a full-service water partner, Evides supplies various types of industrial water through its piping grid. In addition, Evides designs and operates customized water process plants. The Demineralised Water Plant Botlek (DWP) is the largest demineralised water infrastructure in the port of Rotterdam. It was built on the basis of DBFO contracts (Design, Build Finance Operate). The DWP was financed by Evides which means that each customer was released from investing in a new demin water treatment facility. The installed technology, used for the production of the demin water, was the result of close cooperation between Evides‘ specialists and the customers in order to meet their quality specifications. During the operational phase, in-house operational personnel conduct operations and are responsible for maintenance and monitoring.

Long term experience
Evides Industriewater has a 15-year track record of supplying reliability, operational excellence and technological innovation when it comes to water services. These capabilities, in combination with the proximity to Europe‘s leading port- and chemical areas (Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Vlissingen, Terneuzen, Delfzijl) have enables Evides to close long-term partnerships with Europe‘s major petrochemical and chemical companies. Evides does not only own process water plants, but also possesses and manages various industrial and domestic wastewater plants. Evides owns and operates two sewage treatment plants near The Hague (49.000 m³/h). These are the biggest waste water treatment plants in The Netherlands. Evides also owns and operates wastewater treatment plants at Schiphol International Airport (Amsterdam) and in chemical parks such as Vlissingen and Delfzijl.
Wastewater treatment is an important link to achieve a sustainable water chain: by reusing the effluent of a waste­water treatment plant for the production of process water, the use of fresh water can be reduced and the water cycle can be closed. Evides designed, engineered, constructed and operates Holland‘s largest effluent reuse plant (4 million m³ per year). The dis­charge of the sewage waste water treatment plant of the city of Terneuzen is treated and turned into demineralized water. The technology used is a MBR (Membrane BioReactor) followed with a reverse osmosis treatment plant. The demineralised water is finally supplied to the production site of Dow Chemical. This reuse water treatment plant is part of one of the biggest integrated water treatment facilities in Europe.
The operations of Evides Industriewater transcend Benelux borders, we also operate in countries such as Germany and China. In November 2011 Evides signed a cooperation agreement with the Technical University of Delft and two Chinese institutes, the National Engineering Center of Urban Water Resources of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and the Provincial Academy of Environmental Science from Xi‘An (PAES). This agreement is the start of the Sino-Dutch Research Program (SDRP) for the coal-chemical industry in China. The SDRP is funded by Evides and has an initial term of five years. The SDRP combines fundamental and applied research. It focusses on the development of new and improved advanced waste water treatment technologies, reuse technologies and zero liquid technologies. Evides aims at using the know-how to optimize the operations at its existing chemical waste water treatment plants in the Netherlands. Additionally, Evides intends to design greenfield water treatment plants for the coal based chemical industry in China and Europe. The goal is to create (waste) water treatment process designs that contribute to substantially higher sustainability standards while achieving improved reliability at competitive costs.
Our Profile

  • Headquarter Rotterdam
  • 600 employees
  • Turnover 2011:  300 million Euro
  • Supplies drinking water in Zuid-Holland and Zeeland – 1 million clients, 158 million?m3
  • Offers DBFO (Design, Build, Finance & Operate) contracts to clients in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, China and the Middle East
  • Supplies industry water in various qualities to 60 mayor clients, 80 million?m3
  • Owns & Operates various demin plants from 50 m3/h – 1400 m3/h
  • Treats industrial effluents in own waste water treatment plants in Vlissingen, Delfzijl and Schiphol
  • Treats municipal effluents in the greater area of The Hague (1,7 million people equivalents)
  • Is active in the chemical & petrochemical industry, the food industry, the energy sector and the agricultural industry
  • Offers commodity solutions for industrial and chemical parks as well as stand alone solutions for single clients
  • Owns & Operates effluent re-use installations to produce demin water (e.g. Terneuzen 400 m3/h)
  • Offers mobile RO (reverse osmosis) solutions to its clients with a demin capacity of 50 – 100 m3/h
  • Clients: Air Liquide, Air Products, BASF, BP, Cargill, DuPont, Dow Chemical, E.ON, Exxon Mobile, Huntsman, Lamb Weston & Meijer, Q8, Shell, Schiphol – International Airport, Total, Yara…
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