Reliable at High Operating Pressures

Ball Valve Series

26.04.2018 Of compact yet robust design, the Gemü 790 series of ball valves is suitable for use up to a pressure rating of PN125.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • antistatic
  • different actuators accepted
  • suitable for high pressures

A major industrial application of ball valves is in water treatment, e.g. by reverse osmosis, where they have to withstand pressures typically between 60 and 80 bar. The highly polished and precisely manufactured ball of these valves fits snugly and air-tightly into the internal seal contour. A discharge slit in the seal ensures pressure relief in the valve flow. This not only reduces the seat wear but also lowers the actuating torque required to rotate the ball, thus enabling both cost-effective and energy-efficient system operation. The additional pressure relief hole in the ball enables pressure compensation, preventing a potential failure due to an internal build-up of pressure. Blow-out protection in the shaft ensures a high level of operational safety. The antistatic device provides a permanently conductive connection between the ball and the shaft. A tongue-and-groove-style connection between the shaft and the valve body enables full earthing of the ball valve. The solid design of the body with an additional enclosed body seal enables use at pressures up to 137 bar as well as in vacuum applications.

Achema Hall 8.0 – F4

Gemü Kugelhahn-Baureihe GEMÜ 790

Precise engineering ensures safe operation at high pressures. Picture: Gemü