For Low or High Flow Rates

Hygienic Pumps

13.05.2018 The Hyline progressing cavity pump and the new generation Twin screw pump have recently been launched by Pumpenfabrik Wangen.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • for hygienic applications
  • straightforward maintenance
  • flow rates of 0.02 – 7 m³/h and 25 – 100 m³/h

The Hyline progressing cavity pump supersedes the manufacturer‘s previous KB 20 model and is predominantly used in metering processes and with smaller material volumes of 0.02 to 7 m³/h. The pump’s shaft joint transfers power from the drive train to the pump set itself. The constant diameter ensures that the medium is pumped at an even flow speed through the pump, thereby avoiding demixing. The joint is fully moulded with the result that there is no dead space and thus no contact points on which dirt can accumulate. The pump set and suction housing can be heated by a double jacket.
The key feature of the new-generation Twin screw pump, which can deliver between 25 and 100 m³/h, is the company‘s “fast-X-change” process for automatic synchronisation of the spindles. During installation or maintenance, the spindles can be simply attached without the need for manual adjustments. The cartridge design of the seal ensures straightforward replacement. The coupling aligns automatically, thanks to the self-centering flange housing.

Achema 2018 Hall 8.0 – J36


Wangen Twin

The Twin pump features automatic spindle synchronisation. Image: Wangen