Electronic Servicing Support

Improved Maintenance

20.04.2018 Gemü's Conexo system provides electronic support for a wide variety of servicing and maintenance tasks. The new version 1.2 of the app and the portal offers an expanded range of functions and is simpler to operate.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • direct access to relevant data
  • app-based maintenance
  • simpler operation

Each relevant component of a plant is equipped with an RFID chip which can be read out by the Conexo pen. The app installed on a mobile device makes the entire servicing process more transparent and easier to document. It actively guides maintenance technicians through the maintenance schedule and provides them directly with all the information assigned to the component, such as test reports, testing documentation, assembly instructions and maintenance histories. The Conexo portal acts as a central element, facilitating collection, management, and subsequent processing of all data.

The improved system promises  a significant increase in data processing performance and greater flexibility in servicing. Optimisation of functions such as the component search or rights management features, as well as the option to depict components without RFID chips, represent just a selection of the newly added options for the user.

Achema 2018 Hall 8.0 – F4


Gemü Conex 1 2

The upgraded Conexo system offers increased data processing performance and greater flexibility in servicing. Image: Gemü