Reduces Noise and Vibration

AGE_kor Expulse Flexible Pulsation Dampener

01.05.2015 Flowrox has launched its Expulse dampener. The device is designed to combat pressure peaks and uneven flow and associated noise and vibrations during pumping, which can also lead to pipe damage and costly breakages.


The dampener is intended for use by companies in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Metallurgy, and other industries where pipes and valves are used to move materials or fluids using pressure. One of the most striking features is the product‘s ability to reduce energy consumption in operations by up to 10 percent, largely as a result of its absorption of up to 90 percent of pulsations. In addition, by reducing hammering of the pipeline and pump the device can extend the operational lifetime of the pump bearing and gearbox – two critical components in pipeline operations that face wear and tear in high-performance environments. Being self-cleaning, the robust, readily installed, flexible in-line dampener does not collect sediment, particles or residue in operation.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • 10 percent less energy
  • reduction of hammering
  • extended pump-lifetime


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