Badger Ventilantrieb SEVA

The smart electric valve actuator offers high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Image: Badger Meter Europa

  • universal AC input
  • split range operation
  • no compressed air treatment necessary

The newly released Seva (Smart Electric Valve Actuator) represents a cost-sensitive solution with market-leading features. Designed for extreme conditions with military grade components, it nevertheless provides the accuracy and repeatability the market demands. The initial release will include a 100 pound and a 200 pound model. These models were created to provide next-generation replacements for the long-serving electric actuators EVA-1, EVA-100, and EVA-200. The smart electric actuator is an ODVA-certified product (ODVA stands for Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) which offers a Dual Port Industrial Ethernet card to provide a dynamic solution for customers who demand a higher level of information in their systems. It allows for both linear and ring network topology (DLR, Device Level Ring). Further data protocols are in development and will be available shortly.

The new smart actuator features a position accuracy of ±0.1% of full scale. It permits selection of one of five positions when there is a loss of power (Continue Operations, Full Closed, Full Open, Hold Position, or Target Value). Additionally the selection of one of four positions when there is a loss of signal power (Full Closed, Full Open, Hold Position, or Target Value). Both the Full Closed and Full Open positions are defined during setup. With an internally powered (active) feedback option, the electric actuator can actively communicate its stroke position to the control system.

The actuator‘s universal AC input with voltage protection will work with 115 V AC, 230 V AC, and 24 V DC power supplies. Manual operation is possible in emergencies. The analog input signals could be from 4–20 mA, 0–5 V DC, or 0–10 V DC. Each signal can be used given the proper configuration. The actuator can split the incoming 4–20 mA signal and use the “lower range” (4–12 mA) or the “higher range” (12–20 mA) of the signal for full stroke operation. The type of split range can be changed. Inclusion of two user-adjustable limit switch outputs is available as an option. With all its functions, the actuator is technically equivalent to a pneumatic system with positioner. However,  the costs of operation and maintenance are significantly lower since no compressed air treatment is necessary.

Achema 2018 Hall 11.1 – E64

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