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In addition to showing temperature resistance, seals must also be able to withstand a wide variety of chemicals and be resistant not only to vapor but also to solvents. Or they need to be able to resist changes in media, plus high pressure. The two all-round materials,  RS 75 AL and RS 80 AL, demonstrate outstanding resistance to chemicals and acids, as well as excellent mechanical properties. RS 75 AL is heat resistant at temperatures of up to +325°C, and RS 80 AL is heat resistant up to +260°C.  Both FFKM compounds demonstrate low gas permeability and very low levels of swelling. 

The RS 92 AED seal material was developed especially for applications where resistance to explosive decompression is required, and has been tested to Norsok standard M-710 and Nace TM 0297. The compound combines chemical and thermal resistance. Along with its low compression set it is especially suitable for meeting the high demands made by the oil and gas industry in particular.

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Facts for Decision Makers:


  • two universal materials
  • special FFKM compound for oil and gas
  • chemical resistance 


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