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The rotary lobe pump used to convey aggressive fatty acids meets all Atex and TA Luft requirements. Image: Netzsch

  • Atex compliance
  • TA Luft compliance
  • resistance to aggressive media

The pump, from the pump company‘s Tornado T2 series, features a  large free ball passage, ensuring problem-free conveyance. It replaced a gear pump hitherto used to feed tankers but which was unable to fulfil TA Luft and Atex regulations. An all-metal, high-strength steel design was chosen to meet the demands posed by aggressive fatty acids and the high conveying temperatures of 70 °C required to keep the medium free-flowing. Backflow is kept low thanks to the long sealing line. A Pulsation Reduction System (PRS) achieved by adaptation of the geometry of the pump chamber ensures very low pulsation levels. Hermetic separation of the fatty acid being conveyed from the surrounding atmosphere required by the TA Luft air quality specifications was ensured by fitting the pump with a double-acting mechanical seal with a pressurised flushing system. The seal is permanently lubricated from the attached quenching pot, which prevents clogging and offers greater reliability than a single-acting seal. The mechanical seals of the T2 series have a cartridge design and are easily fitted onto the shaft along with the rotary lobes during assembly. The pump is Atex-certified for medium temperatures of up to 100 °C. In this application, the operating company installed an electrical heating band to prevent hardening of the medium in the pump housing, which required a separate Ex protection certification. The pump serves to fill the manufacturer‘s tankers at a volume flow rate of 20 m³/h and a pressure of 2.5 bar.

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