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The Smart Safety Platform combines safety and security in an integrated solution. Image: Hima Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

  • safety and security combined
  • controllers have uniform operating system
  • counters cyberattacks

This integrated solution combines safety and security by uniformly tailoring hardware and software to each other, thus  enabling operators to significantly reduce the complexity of their systems and buy only what they actually need. Since it also supports integration of existing systems, the platform can reduce operating costs and offer high security of investment. The appropriate hardware and software components are jointly selected and installed in the plants in collaboration with the user. The company‘s existing solutions can continue to be used or can be upgraded to the latest generation. By migrating to this platform, plant operators fulfill all essential safety standards. The proprietary self-contained operating system of the safety controllers minimizes the risk of cyberattacks. Backward-compatible software and hardware updates make the system highly future proof and keep plant safety and security constantly up to date.
An important component of the safety platform is the new HIQuad X safety system, which fills the gap between the high-performance HIMax and the HIMatrix system, which is designed for smaller applications. All the company‘s controllers are now united in the new platform. They can communicate over SafeEthernet, and have a uniform operating system and the same programming environment.  New demands placed on plant operators in the chemical and petrochemical industry by digitization require new solutions that not only protect plants and employees in the event of a disaster, but also effectively counter cyberattacks and boost the long-term plant profitability.

Achema 2018 Halls 11.1 – C15 and 9.2 – D41


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