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Durit Plunger_Bimetallic_und_CRC-Max_Pressebild_CMYK_2 Post-chrome Era Dawns

Chromium-free Coating

Produktbericht02.05.2018 CRC Max by Durit provides a coating of superior performance, hardness, and endurance to hard chromium plating. mehr

Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial power plant Suitable for All Climate Zones

Ergonomic Actuators

Produktbericht30.04.2018 A versatile range of actuators from R. Stahl facilitates the design of explosion-protected local control stations for systems and machines. mehr

SPX TLP Optimised for Energy Efficiency

Rotary Lobe Pump in Hygienic Design

Produktbericht03.05.2018 The Johnson Pump TopLobe Plus (TLP) Series from SPX Flow offers a versatile, hygienic rotary lobe pump with low shear and gentle product handling for both high and low viscosity products. mehr

PROTEGO_home_pilotvalve Pressure and Vacuum Relief

Pilot-controlled Diaphragm Valve

Produktbericht01.05.2018 The Protego Type VN-A-PC pilot-controlled diaphragm valve is a newly developed valve for pressure and vacuum relief which is particularly suitable for use with liquefied gases under cryogenic conditions down to –200 °C. mehr

Abb.1: Die US-Behörde PMO hat GEA die Freigabe für die Doppelsitzventile  der Baureihe 24/7 PMO 2.0 Valve ®  für nicht-aseptische Molkereiprozesse in  den USA erteilt. (Picture: GEA) Harnessing Shear Forces for CIP

US Approval for Flip-flop Double-seat Valves

Produktbericht29.04.2018 Gea's LEFF (Low Emission Flip Flop) water-economizing double-seat valve has now been approved under the US Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). mehr

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Positioned For Safety

Trovis Safe Positioners for On/off Valves in Safety-instrumented Systems

Produktbericht06.05.2015 Samson has added the Trovis Safe series to its range of positioners. These positioners have been optimized for use with on/off valves in safety-instrumented systems and are certified to comply with SIL requirements mehr

Minimesh S Filter Media Precise Permeability

Minimesh S Filter Media

Produktbericht06.05.2015 Haver & Boecker has developed its Minimesh S Metal Filter Cloth Generation, now available in a wide range of pore sizes, with the aid of appropriate mathematical formulae. New filter weave structures with properties once thought impossible will be shown for the first time at Achema. mehr

Amixon AM-type Mixer High Mixture Qualities from 5 Percent Filling Level

Amixon AM-type Mixer

Produktbericht06.05.2015 The AM-type mixer from Amixon has a conical floor and utilizes the Sin Convex-mixing tool. The design allows ideal mixture qualities to be achieved even from a filling level of just 5 percent. The upward spiral movement of the mixture is enforced by the helical ribbon mixing tool, while the downward flow takes place naturally due to the effect of gravity. mehr

Acupress Deaerating and Compacting Systems For Hazardous Environments

Acupress Deaerating and Compacting Systems

Produktbericht06.05.2015 Vacupress systems from Grenzebach are used for deaerating and compacting, i.e. increasing the bulk weight of powders smaller than 40 µm. The newly developed Atex design can now also be operated in hazardous environments. mehr

Wear Protection Solutions Minimized Abrasive Wear

Wear Protection Solutions

Produktbericht06.05.2015 Effective wear protection is becoming more and more important in process technology. At Achema, Durit will showcase custom-made solutions for specific applications of tungsten carbide within a tribological system. In addition to friction loss or lubrication, tribology plays an important role in the choice of materials. mehr

MZR-6305 Gear Pump Low Pulsation, High Precision

MZR-6305 Gear Pump

Produktbericht06.05.2015 In coating technology, everything depends upon homogeneous distribution of the coating material. mehr

IMT Nitrogen Generator NKat Higher Nitrogen Purity

IMT Nitrogen Generator NKat

Produktbericht05.05.2015 Inmatec has developed a new gas generator. The Nkat System uses the manufacturer's proprietary PAN technology. In this particular process, the nitrogen from the PAN generator is enriched with hydrogen. The hydrogen subsequently reacts the residual oxygen over an appropriate catalyst. The result is a higher nitrogen purity. mehr

Low Temperature Mechanical Seal Safe and Reliable Mechanical Seals

Low Temperature Mechanical Seal

Produktbericht05.05.2015 Certain processes are increasingly operated at low temperatures down to -100°C in order to achieve high selectivity in reactions or separation processes, for example in polymerizations reactors for rubber production or crystallizers for the separation of isomer mixtures. In such cases low temperature mechanical seals are used for sealing the agitator shaft.  mehr

Cepa Z 11 Centrifuge Direct Drive

Cepa Z 11 Centrifuge

Produktbericht05.05.2015 Padberg's Cepa Z 11 high-speed centrifuge offers continuous flow and comes with a stainless steel casing. Particles down to 20 nm (e.g.TiO2 in water) are separated at 80,000 × g. mehr

Twin Ferrule Fittings The Stainless Standard

Twin Ferrule Fittings

Produktbericht05.05.2015 U2 twin ferrule fittings, in 316 stainless steel as standard, are supplied assembled and ready to use. Even under heavy vibration conditions the couplings ensure safe operation at high pressure or vacuum. mehr

CTE 50 Plus Twin Screw Extruder Made in China, Engineered in Germany

CTE 50 Plus Twin Screw Extruder

Produktbericht05.05.2015 With the CTE 50 Plus Coperion Nanjing, China, launches its CTE Plus twin screw extruder series. mehr

Epos Pipe Sampling System No Room For Dead Space

Epos Pipe Sampling System

Produktbericht05.05.2015 The Epos System (Easy POsitive Sampling) from Ritag offers a range of valves and accessories for sampling from pipes. mehr

For Better Blending

Chemineer JTF-2 Impeller

Produktbericht05.05.2015 The Chemineer JTF-2 Impeller from NOV has been developed for superior blending in transitional flow. mehr

Hyghspin 90 Hopper Polymer Screw Pump Hopper Solves Inflow Problems

Hyghspin 90 Hopper Polymer Screw Pump

Produktbericht05.05.2015 To achieve failure-free conveyance of viscous and sticky products, Jung Process Systems has developed a special transport solution based on a Hyghspin twin screw pump with a feed hopper and a double-acting mechanical seal. mehr

Chem Series Pumps Ceramic Components for Harsh Conditions

Chem Series Pumps

Produktbericht04.05.2015 The Chem series of gear pumps from Witte has been developed specifically for applications in the chemical processing industry. The use of new materials ensures reliable pump operation even under the most difficult conditions. A specially developed modular system offering a variety of gears, shafts and bearing materials permits each pump to be designed to meet the particular challenges of the application.  mehr