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Online Tool for Integrated Sizing of Safety Valves

Produktbericht15.05.2018 Leser has developed an online tool for integrated sizing and product configuration of safety valves. mehr

ProChem Werk Bensheim Luftbild Custom Manufacturing

Expanded Drying and Pastillation Capacity

Produktbericht14.05.2018 Chemical service provider ProChem GmbH has installed four new vacuum paddle dryers at its Oberthal and Dieburg sites (combined capacity now 10 t/d) and plans to install a pastillation belt for high-viscosity substances at Bensheim by the end of 2018. mehr

Siemens Industrial Edge Edge Computing Facilitated

Industrial Edge

Produktbericht16.05.2018 Siemens is introducing “Siemens Industrial Edge”, a digitization platform which can extend automation devices by providing data processing at machine level and by bringing highly developed analysis technology and the intelligence of edge computing to the manufacturing area in a secure way. mehr

LABOM_PASCALCV4_GV4_Achema Designed for Hygienic Applications

Pressure and Temperature Transmitters

Produktbericht15.05.2018 Belonging to the company's new V-line series, Labom's Pascal CV4 pressure transmitter and GV4 temperature transmitter comply with EHEDG and FDA recommendations and are thus suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries and in biotechnology. mehr

Wangen hatte seine hygienische Schraubenspindelpumpe Twin im Messegepäck. Bild: Wangen For Low or High Flow Rates

Hygienic Pumps

Produktbericht13.05.2018 The Hyline progressing cavity pump and the new generation Twin screw pump have recently been launched by Pumpenfabrik Wangen. mehr

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Picture: ©alotofpeople - stock.adobe.com Better Projects through Dialogue

Evonik Cuts Project Costs by Adopting New Execution Methodology

Fachartikel15.12.2017 There may be many reasons for plant engineering projects to get out of hand. Most mistakes are made right at the beginning – and communication between ordering party and engineering partner is often in a sorry state. mehr

TÜV SÜD Chemie Service Advertorial: An Expert Partner for Designers, Manufacturers and Owners of Chemical and Process Facilities Ensuring Safe, Reliable and Profitable Facilities

TÜV SÜD Chemie Service

Fachartikel15.12.2017 TÜV SÜD Chemie Service GmbH, headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany, is a full-service provider for the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries. Based on their long-standing experience, the company’s experts provide integrated services that focus on ensuring safe, reliable and profitable plants with an outstanding level of availability. mehr

neues Bild 2016_LB_Chemiepark_GENDORF_3 Advertorial: The Opportunity Site of the Future

GENDORF Chemical Park

Fachartikel15.12.2017 Why opportunity site? Because – as Bavaria’s largest chemical park – the GENDORF Chemical Park offers peerless opportunities: for investors, employees and the region. mehr

Picture: Pharmaserv/Studio für Industrie- und Werbefotografie, Grafik und Web Advertorial: Optimum Location for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

The Behringwerke in Marburg

Fachartikel15.12.2017 Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have stringent requirements in terms of buildings, facilities, infrastructure, logistics and the academic and professional environment. The Behringwerke in Marburg specialises in precisely these needs, offering optimum conditions and competent service. mehr

Industriepark Höchst   (nähe Werksbrücke) Luftbilder Advertorial: One of Europe’s Largest Research and Production Sites for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Industriepark Höchst

Fachartikel15.12.2017 At a site like Industriepark Höchst, it’s easy to ramp up production capacity as demand grows. Infraserv Höchst, the site’s operator, creates compelling synergies and supports tenants who want to build new facilities or add capacity. mehr

Green factory concept Carbon Neutral Chemistry

Study: How To Attain Carbon Neutrality

Fachartikel14.12.2017 A new study published jointly by Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council) and Dechema examines how the chemical industry can attain carbon neutrality by 2050. The European chemical industry plans to further reduce its CO2 emissions. Current prerequisites for a climate-neutral chemical industry are detailed in a newly released study. mehr

Picture: Sergey Nivens – Fotolia More Productivity, Less Energy Consumption

Energy Usage in Europe´s Chemical Industry

Fachartikel14.12.2017 The European Commission has ambitious goals in terms of energy usage. By 2030, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to fall by 40% compared to 1990, and energy efficiency will increase by 30%. In particular the energy-intensive chemical industry will make an important contribution here. But the industry is worried about the recent decision by the European Parliament’s Industry Committee, which is planning a new cap on absolute energy consumption in 2030. Time to take stock of recent achievements. mehr

Two chess pawns with UK and European flags Uncertainty on Both Sides of the Channel

Brexit and the Chemical Industry

Fachartikel14.12.2017 The knock-on effects of the British Exit form the European Union are felt around the world. Chemical industry in EU and Great Britain will have to readjust their relations in several aspects. The severity of the impact will ultimately depend on the outcome of political negotiations. But some consequences are already apparent. mehr

European Sites at a Glance

CT Market Overview Industrial Parks in Europe

Fachartikel13.12.2017 Industrial parks offer fertile ground for growth. CHEMIE TECHNIK regularly publishes overviews of industrial parks in Europe. Our latest overview lists almost 60 industrial sites focusing on chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. More details: Overview of Industrial Parks in Europe. mehr

Improving Outlook for EU Chemicals

Strong Economy is Driving Chemicals Business

Fachartikel13.12.2017 These are the good times, leave your cares behind. A. The lyrics of the pop classic from 1979 also apply to the current economic situation of the global chemical industry. And the latest figures coming from market analysts and business associations indicate that more good times are yet to come. mehr

Even the latest draft of the German Major Accident Ordinance still fails to clarify the question, how large the distance to a major hazard plant has to be. Picture: Tom Bayer and alphaspirit – Fotolia Consultation Distances as a New Killer Argument?

Seveso III Directive

Fachartikel11.12.2016 How large must the distance to major hazard plants be? This question is currently causing industrial park operators and planners serious headaches. Because even the latest draft of the new German Major Accident Ordinance still fails to clarify this point. mehr

Juni 2016 Jumping through European Hoops

Seveso III Directive: Public Involvement

Fachartikel11.12.2016 The EC Seveso III Directive is forcing a rethink on the part of operators of major hazard plants. Whether a chemical plant, a tank farm, a waste-processing installation, or a large-scale biogas plant – whoever plans to build a new plant or modify an existing one will have to involve the public to a greater extent than in the past. mehr

Centrally Located in the Life Science Cluster of Northwest Switzerland

Small yet Outstanding – Pharmapark Siegfried, Zofingen

Fachartikel11.12.2016 Pharmapark Siegfried may not be one of the largest, but it is certainly one of the most attractive pharma parks with a long tradition. mehr

Central European Chemical Network


Fachartikel11.12.2016 Five of Eastern Germany’s chemical site operators – BASF Schwarzheide GmbH, Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbH, DOW Olefinverbund GmbH, InfraLeuna GmbH and Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH – have joined forces to create CeChemNet (Central European Chemical Network). mehr

Compendium of Industrial Parks 2017 The Opportunity Site of the Future

Gendorf Chemical Park

Fachartikel11.12.2016 Why opportunity site? Because – as Bavaria’s largest chemical park – the GENDORF Chemical Park offers peerless opportunities: for investors, employees and the region. mehr