Automatic Readjustment

Automated Granulation System

08.05.2015 Alexanderwerk will showcase an automated granulation system. A drive unit enables the operator to position a screen basket in relation to a rotor.

This positioning system permits the same distance to be maintained between rotor and screen, even if the thickness of the screen mesh differs. This adjustment is performed fully automatically. It is therefore reproducible and thus ensures continuous production. At the same time, the system permits monitoring of the production process for quality control purposes. This innovation will be deployed in granulating machines as well as in combined compaction/granulation machines. The advantage for the customer is that the adjustment no longer has to be done manually. Instead it is controlled by sensors and therefore guarantees an identical setting at all times, which in turn ensures constant production. The relevant parameters for different products can be stored in recipes. Manual or mechanical adjustments are no longer needed. Furthermore, this system greatly facilitates maintenance.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • automatic adjustment
  • continuous production
  • easy maintenance

Achema 2015 Hall 6.0 – A76