Simple and Straight

Ball Valve

04.05.2015 The ball valve is a shut-off valve with full opening. Fiberglass-reinforced PTFE gaskets and FEB coated O-rings permit use with aggressive chemicals and at high temperatures. This valve can also be used with fibrous or chunky fluids

Ball Valve

Due to their simple and straight construction the valves are very maintenance friendly (Picture: M&S Armaturen)

The valve can be operated in different ways; manually with a two-position handle or pneumatically with the M&S Pams actuator. Their simple and straight construction make the valves very maintenance friendly. All gaskets are FDA approved. The PTFE sealant shells are firmly clamped by O-rings; they prevent gasket lift off during switching operation when under flow. PTFE sealant shells do not expand into the pipe. Optionally the valves are available with separate flush connections to clean dead spots. For in-between flange versions, the valve body is centered by means of counter flanges. The valve body flanges are sealed by O-rings, similarly to the sealing principle of DIN 11864.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • aggressive chemicals
  • high temperatures
  • maintenance friendly

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