Integrated Energy and Cost Efficiency

BBC and FBC Series Rotary Blowers

09.04.2015 Kaeser has extended its blower product portfolio with the introduction of the BBC and FBC series. These compact rotary blowers are now ready to connect with integrated mains power supply equipment and the Sigma Control 2 controller for comprehensive system monitoring and communication

BBC and FBC Series Rotary Blowers

The complete system packages are CE and EMC certified, which means less work for both operator and system provider (Picture: Kaeser)

The rotary blower range now covers air deliveries from 2 to 72 m³/min at up to 1,000 mbar gauge pressure and 500 mbar vacuum. Key applications for these blowers include pneumatic conveying and water treatment. „Ready-to-connect“ means that the units are supplied complete with all sensors, controls and a choice of star-delta starter or variable speed drive. The complete system packages are CE and EMC certified, which means less work for both the operator and system provider when it comes to planning, installation, certification, documentation and commissioning, because the machines and the electrics are preconfigured and ready-adjusted at the factory. Highly effective broadband sound and pulsation damping ensure quiet operation at all times, which applies to both the machine and the pipework. The blower block with its Omega profile rotors significantly enhances operational reliability and uptime, whilst adaptive compression reduces energy consumption, and long bearing life minimises maintenance costs. Moreover, space-saving component layout results in an exceptionally compact footprint. Also, as these blowers have been designed to allow all service work to be carried out from the front of the unit, it is possible with star-delta equipped models to install several blowers side by side. Components such as control valves and exhaust silencers, which would normally be installed externally, are already integrated.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • 2 to 72 m³/min
  • up to 1,000 mbar
  • 500 mbar vacuum

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