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Hebelarmkupplungen Die Verbindung hält


Produktbericht12.05.2015 Elaflex stellt Neuheiten aus dem Bereich Schlauch- und Armaturentechnik vor. Hebelarm-Kupplungen sind beliebte Armaturen zur schnellen Verbindung von Schlauchleitungen. mehr

Ventilansteuermodule Typ 3965-DP-plus Intelligenz für Armaturen

Ventilansteuermodule Typ 3965-DP-plus

Produktbericht08.05.2015 Die Ventilansteuermodule Typ 3965-DP-plus von Samsomatic unterstützen den Anwender beim Ansteuern von 16 Magnetventilen mit leistungsarmen Binärsignalen sowie beim Einlesen von 32 Stellungsrückmeldungen von Grenzsignalgebern. mehr

Ball valves For Challenging Applications

Ball valves

Produktbericht07.05.2015 Hartmann Valves' ball valves, designed for challenging conditions, are constantly pushing the technological envelope. Gas-tight and with entirely metallic sealing between ball and seal ring, the valves are resistant to aggressive media, high pressures and extreme temperatures. mehr

Rotary Joints Light and Precision Made

Rotary Joints

Produktbericht07.05.2015 The most frequent causes of vibrations in plants and machines are unbalanced rotating components and oscillations of external pipelines. Haag+Zeissler offers threads with a spigot or centring surface and self-centring flat metal gaskets for rotary connections. Series 7101 was developed for machines with unavoidable or even intended rotary or translatory oscillations and vibrations, such as milling machines, inking rollers, presses, mills or shredders. mehr

New Range of Materials

FFKM Compounds for Seals

Produktbericht07.05.2015 The new COG Resist high-tech FFKM compounds from COG were developed to meet increasingly complex requirements. The first three members of the new range of FFKM materials have now been launched: two universal materials and a special FFKM compound for use in the oil and gas industry.  mehr

Vi 840 FKM Seal Material Low Temperature Flexibility for Gas Applications

Vi 840 FKM Seal Material

Produktbericht07.05.2015 The independent seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens has developed a low temperature flexible ‘Vi 840' FKM compound that meets central demands from the valve sector and gas industry. The compound has been successfully tested according to DVGW DIN EN 682 (type GBL). It offers a low temperature flexibility of better than -40°C, which means that it therefore fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 14141.  mehr

Low Temperature Mechanical Seal Safe and Reliable Mechanical Seals

Low Temperature Mechanical Seal

Produktbericht05.05.2015 Certain processes are increasingly operated at low temperatures down to -100°C in order to achieve high selectivity in reactions or separation processes, for example in polymerizations reactors for rubber production or crystallizers for the separation of isomer mixtures. In such cases low temperature mechanical seals are used for sealing the agitator shaft.  mehr

Twin Ferrule Fittings The Stainless Standard

Twin Ferrule Fittings

Produktbericht05.05.2015 U2 twin ferrule fittings, in 316 stainless steel as standard, are supplied assembled and ready to use. Even under heavy vibration conditions the couplings ensure safe operation at high pressure or vacuum. mehr

CW Tube Efficiency Gains

CW Tube

Produktbericht04.05.2015 The CW Tube from Gea Luftkühler is an elliptical finned tube offering pronounced efficiency gains for applications like blast furnaces, power-plant coolers, and industrial drying systems. mehr

Ball Valve Simple and Straight

Ball Valve

Produktbericht04.05.2015 The ball valve is a shut-off valve with full opening. Fiberglass-reinforced PTFE gaskets and FEB coated O-rings permit use with aggressive chemicals and at high temperatures. This valve can also be used with fibrous or chunky fluids mehr

Sliding Gate Valves Gate to Highly Corrosive Areas

Sliding Gate Valves

Produktbericht04.05.2015 Schubert & Salzer´s sliding gate valves are now also available in special materials. This allows use of the valves in highly corrosive applications. Sliding gate valves provide accurate, fast, and economical control of liquids, steam, and gaseous media. mehr

Novapress 850 Fibre Gasket Material High Performance Seals

Novapress 850 Fibre Gasket Material

Produktbericht04.05.2015 A new fibre gasket material from Frenzelit bridges the traditional gap in properties between purely elastomeric gaskets and fibre gaskets. Novapress 850 combines adaptability with high sealing performance and mechanical stability.  mehr

Motor Valves Save Space and Energy

Motor Valves

Produktbericht01.05.2015 A new series of electrically controlled motor valves expands Bürkert's range of components for fluid control. mehr

Thermowells in ScrutonWell Design Bad Vibrations

Thermowells in ScrutonWell Design

Produktbericht01.05.2015 For applications in processes with high flow rates, Wika is now offering thermowells in ScrutonWell design. mehr