For Better Blending

Chemineer JTF-2 Impeller

05.05.2015 The Chemineer JTF-2 Impeller from NOV has been developed for superior blending in transitional flow.

Higher viscosity and non-Newtonian fluids make blending much more challenging. The impeller is used when conventional turbines have lost efficiency due to viscous effects and before the need arises for close clearance impellers. The design promotes blending by efficiently moving material in one direction at the center of the tank and in the opposite direction on the outside of the tank. The increase in efficiency of this impeller comes from the improved flow pattern that reduces the recirculation zones which extend the blend times of other impellers. This flow pattern improves the top to bottom communication in the vessel.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • efficient blending
  • reduced recirculation
  • improved communication

Achema 2015 Hall 5.1 – D38