Post-chrome Era Dawns

Chromium-free Coating

02.05.2018 CRC Max by Durit provides a coating of superior performance, hardness, and endurance to hard chromium plating.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • suitable for food processing
  • greatly extended service life
  • eliminates need for chromium

Hard chromium plated components such as valves, seals, pump shafts, and balls in chemical production plants frequently suffer damage from abrasion and exposure to aggressive media and therefore have to be recoated or replaced at some expense. Additional urgency to the search for alternatives to chromium coating comes from the EU ban on chromium trioxide.

The innovative CRC Max coating offers an effective combination of surface hardness and flexibility as well as a high resistance to abrasion and chemicals.  Components coated with this material can be used ten times longer than parts plated with common hard chromium, partly due to the greater layer thickness of the coating. Since this product complies with all relevant health, safety, and stability requirements, it is well suited for food processing.

Achema 2018 Hall 8.0 – H3

Durit Plunger_Bimetallic_und_CRC-Max_Pressebild_CMYK_2

Chromium-free CRC Max coatings are hard, flexible, and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Image: Durit