More cooling capacity, same space requirement

Circulation thermostats PRO

05.05.2018 The PRO portfolio of cooling circulation thermostats from Lauda includes two new low temperature circulation thermostats designed for the specific requirements of test benches, reactors, climatic chambers and distillation plants in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, mineral oil, automotive and electrical engineering industry.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • high cooling capacity of 1.5 kW
  • temperature range of -90 to 200 °C
  • rapid temperature changes

Lauda Kälteumwälzthermostate PRO_RP290E_Command

(Image: Lauda)

With a temperature range of -90 to 200 °C and a cooling capacity of 0.8 kW, the RP 290 E and RP 290 EC low temperature circulation thermostats are used as a substitute for dry ice in external low-temperature applications. The new RP 250 E and RP 250 EC models offer a cooling capacity of 1.5 kW, almost twice the capacity of the RP 245, with the same space requirements. They are applied for static temperature control tasks that require a high cooling capacity and involve rapid temperature changes within a range of -50 to 200 °C.

All new devices have a heating output of 2.5 kW. A minimum filling volume of 2.4 liters and an additional expansion volume of two liters serve as a buffer to counteract thermally induced volume expansion, even on larger consumers. The standard use of natural refrigerants and a powerful, adjustable pressure-suction-pump round off the range of technical equipment together with a hybrid cooling system that cools the air of the refrigerating machine and simultaneously allows water cooling to reduce the dissipation of heat into the environment. All PRO devices are additionally fitted with a detachable, intuitively operated control unit.

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