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Count-On Mini Electronic Display

04.05.2015 The Count-On Mini display is mounted directly onto an OMP or OME series flowmeter. Operation is trouble-free as there are only two buttons.

Count-On Mini Electronic Display

Operation is trouble-free as there are only two buttons (Picture: Kral)

Two display lines provide information on the measured rate and on the total and cumulative totals: one line gives the numerical value and the other shows the units. The values measured are automatically saved. If there is a loss of power, meter values and specific settings such as the K-factor of the respective flowmeter and the selected unit of measure remain stored in the unit. Kral flowmeters are known under the brand name Volumeter. They are PD meters and offer high measurement accuracy. Depending on the liquid, for industrial applications the linearity is ± 0.1% over a wide turn-down ratio of 1:100. Experienced laboratories achieve a linearity of up to ± 0.015%.


Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • only two buttons
  • up to ± 0.015%
  • directly mounted

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