King Size Decanter with Adjustable Impeller

Decanter Centrifuge Z8E

01.05.2012 The new Z8E decanter centrifuge significantly extends the capacity range of Flottweg's decanters for the food and chemical industries. According to the manufacturer, the machine is probably the largest (three-phase) decanter with adjustable impeller currently on the market.

Decanter Centrifuge Z8E

With the adjustable impeller, the fluctuations in the feed can be evened out automatically while the machine is running (Picture: Flottweg)

The adjustable impeller allows fluctuations in feed to be evened out automatically while the machine is running. At the same time, the fluid level in the decanter can be optimally readjusted. The operator benefits from the purity of the separated products and consequently from the optimal process results.

During development of the new Z8E centrifuge, care was taken to ensure universal applicability. Thanks to its modular design, this decanter can be customized  to meet the specific demands of each industry. In addition to models satisfying the strict hygienic requirements of the food industry, there are more designs in progress. For the chemical industry, gas-tight machines with Atex certification are currently being developed. The new decanter is available in two-phase as well as three-phase versions. All functions of the machine can be integrated into the overall process control system.

In order to meet the demands of this design size, Flottweg has also upgraded the size and efficiency of the proven Simp-drive system. Thus it is possible to process high solids contents in the feed. The Simp-Drive automatically controls the differential speed in relation to the scroll torque. The two- or three-phase centrifuge automatically adjusts itself to varying load conditions and dewaters the product to be processed to the highest possible extent.

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