Spontaneous Combustion

Determination of Self-ignition Temperatures

08.05.2018 The measuring setup introduced by Coesfeld rapidly determines Self-Ignition Temperatures (SIT) of hazardous materials within a range of 65 to 650°C.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • automated measuring procedures
  • short measuring time
  • precise temperature control

The measuring procedures defined in relevant standards are implemented as addressable programs (rough estimation of auto ignition range, exact procedure). The user is guided step by step via a built-in colour touch screen through the measuring procedure by the selected program. Beside automated sequences, manual measurements are also supported in case an ignition has to be verified. Ignition is automatically detected and documented and the  time required for a measurement is extremely short. The specially designed vertical tube furnace and integrated active cooling with compressed air allow precise temperature control of the measuring chamber.  The SIT of n-heptane is referenced in DIN EN 14522 as benchmark. In that case the total measuring time (rough estimation plus exact evaluation) is less than 3 h with an uncertainty of 1.5 %. A typical measuring cycle takes 1 h (range estimation) plus 1:35 h (SIT determination). After each test cycle the conical flask is flushed out with compressed air. The measured data are stored for later evaluation via a digital interface.

Achema 2018 Hall 4.2 – K19



Coesfeld Zündwertprüfer

Step-by-step guidance is provided through the SIT measuring procedure. Image: Cosfeld