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This is a very small plate heat exchanger that has been specially designed for handling media containing coarse particles, fibres and solids. Thick, dirty fluids clog up heat exchangers and cause costly downtime in many industries, for example ethanol, bio-based chemicals, pulp &paper and waste water treatment. The heat exchanger offers a solution to this problem: Due to the wide distance between its plates and a highly turbulent flow, a gasketed plate heat exchanger is much less susceptible to clogging than other heat exchangers. The wide channels let dirty fluids pass freely through the exchanger, and clogging is avoided. The special herringbone corrugation pattern of the plates causes high turbulence, which further helps reduce fouling but also increases heat transfer. The manufacturers Clip Grip gaskets offer a quick and totally glue-free mounting.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • small design
  • for thick, dirty fluids
  • increased heat transfer

Achema 2015 Hall 4.0 – D 4

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