Maintenance-Free Explosion Protection

EVN 2.0 Relief Valves

07.04.2015 EVN 2.0 represents the latest generation of Hoerbiger relief valves featuring a variety of technical innovations. The valve offers maximum reliability in flameless explosion venting; it complies with the latest standard for flameless explosion venting devices, i.e. EN 16009, while offering the proven benefits of vacuum-proof, almost entirely maintenance-free construction.

EVN 2.0 Relief Valves

The valve is a cost-effective alternative for outdoor explosion venting (Picture: Hoerbiger)

In addition, this relief valve allows flexible system planning as well as installation without vent ducts to the outside. An opening detection function comes as a standard with this series. The valve is available in different materials, ranging from standard carbon steel to stainless steel variants for the food industry. This material selection, which is tailored to customers‘ requirements, combined with a variety of O-ring materials allows the relief valve to be used in a wide range of applications. The valve is a cost-effective alternative for outdoor explosion venting. Designed as a reclosable valve, it additionally offers greatly decreased flame propagation. The robust design, combined with the possibility of reuse, offers a key advantage over conventional relief devices. The valve is certified as an explosion venting device according to EN 14797.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • complies with EN 16009
  • different materials
  • cost efficient

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