Long Term Sealing at Low Temperatures

FFKM Compound Perlast ICE G75LT

02.05.2012 The FFKM compound Perlast ICE G75LT from COG is intended for seals used at low and/or high temperatures and under aggressive chemical conditions.

FFKM Compound Perlast ICE G75LT

The compound achieves a long term low temperature resistance down to -40°C (Picture: COG)

The company‘s R&D department was able to achieve a long-term low-temperature resistance down to -40°C (TR 10 value of -32°C) by structural changes to the polymer itself. Owing to its low permeability, the compound is also less prone to swelling and offers an extended in-service performance in valves, pumps, and mechanical seals. The compound is suitable for use in the oil and gas industry, chemical processing, the food and pharma industry, in bioanalytical applications, and in the aerospace industry.


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