Air-tight Housing

Film Coater BFC 5

12.06.2015 The pharmaceutical industry increasingly relies on tablet coating as carrier for active substances. The BFC Film Coater from L. B. Bohle is the high-end version of the Bohle coater.

Film Coater BFC 5

the BFC 5 laboratory coater was redesigned (Picture: L.B. Bohle)

An air-tight housing (inflatable seals of the inspection doors on the side) allows „high containment“ applications. This effect is supported by automatic nozzle adjustment (recipe-controlled), which is optionally available. Moreover, the inclination of the coater housing can be adjusted. Each nozzle has a pump head for optional pressure measurement of the suspension on each individual nozzle – blockage of nozzles can be immediately detected. Another feature is the high pressure cleaning of the pan inside. Additionally, the machine features computersupported „In Touch“ visualization with extensive batch management tools and a broad range of tools for creating recipes.

Besides the process machine, the BFC 5 laboratory coater was redesigned. The BFC 5 offers two different size coating pans – for batches of 5 and 10 kg. With a divider plate even a very small batch size of 500 grams is possible. The new coater provides secure scale up results to all coaters of the manufacturer. The BFC 5 is a mobile coating unit that contains the complete air handling system and electrical cabinet in its housing. The machine is designed specifically for ergonomic handling of tablets and with integrated WIP technology (optional). The coater is designed for easy cleaning and isolator integration.
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Facts for Decision Makers:


  • high pressure cleaning
  • In touch visualization
  • redesigned laboratory coater