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Filter Bags

19.07.2012 Filter bags from Bormann & Neupert ensure the reliable and especially economical filtering of liquid media. The high-quality filter bags are a reliable and yet economical solution for a multitude of applications - in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the colour, paint and food industries.

Filter Bags

All filters are silicon-free and are offered so that they fit the common filter housings (Picture: Bormann & Neupert)

Available in numerous configurations, materials and dimensions, the filters ensure optimal product quality with low production costs. The filter bags allow high flexibility in application: the variants made of highly-resistant and fine-pore polyester and polypropylene needle felt or of microfibres are, for example, available in filter fineness sizes from 1 to 200 µm. Their special feature: the filter bags are not sewn, but rather thermally welded. The result is a resilient connection of the materials without bypasses and with accordingly good filter performance. For a fibre-free surface, the felt materials are also thermally treated. Thus a soiling of the filtered media by filter fibres – so-called fibre migration – cannot take place.

The provider also offers special configurations, such as highly-efficient filter bags with a precipitation rate of up to 99.9 %. These bags are constructed of several layers. The increasing layer thicknesses enable filtration in several stages and provide an especially high dirt absorption capacity. Furthermore, special oil absorption filter bags that accommodate up to fifty times their own weight in oil and XL filter bags are also available. These offer a very high service life and can absorb up to five times more dirt than conventional filters. Filter bags made of webbing are suitable for applications that require finenesses of up to 2000 µm. Made of polyester, nylon or polypropylene and double-sewn, they are robust and economical.

On request, the company offers its filter bags tailored exactly to your requirements profile: materials, filter finenesses, dimensions, individual holder ringers and other options such as the shape of the integrated handles for changing can be combined with one another. All filters comply with the EC ordinance 1935/2004 and EC directive 2002/72/EC and they also fulfil the high demands of the FDA US code 21 CFR 177.1520.