Protects Plants and Filter Systems

Flameless Explosion Pressure Relief

16.05.2018 The Herding Flameless is a clean-gas-side, flameless explosion pressure relief on Herding filter systems which is based on the manufacturer´s flame-arresting feature Flamestop.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • safe filter operation
  • protects plants
  • fire prevention

Numerous explosion tests have demonstrated that neither flame nor smoke occur with the clean-gas-side pressure relief in case of dust explosions in the filter unit. The manufacturer´s sinter-plate filter has a sustainable effect as a protection system according to Atex and thus as an ignition breaktrough proof explosion decoupling system.

The property protection in the filter systems is in accordance with ISO 19353 „Safety of machinery – Fire prevention and fire protection“. The concept includes the secure fire detection by means of detection cable, the integrated control including signal processing as well as active firefighting using extinguishing aerosol. The fire protection concept is suitable for fire class A, B and C and has already been accepted after consultation with relevant property insurers.

Herding Sinterlamellenfilter_mit_Herding_FLAMESTOP

Sinter-plate filter with Flamestop capability. Picture: Herding

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