Readily Integrated

Flexsens 100 Temperature Probe

01.05.2015 Thaletec's Flexsens 100 is a temperature probe with two independent Pt100 elements in 4-wire-design. Both Pt100 elements are integrated into a flexible component and can thus be easily handled.


The temperature sensor can be assembled and disassembled easily, even under conditions of limited accessibility. It can be used with all existing parts such as baffles, and temperature probes made by the manufacturer or even by other manufacturers can be equipped or retrofitted easily. The probe can be changed during operation without opening the reactor or disassembling
the baffle and can be calibrated at any time without disassembling the baffle. If necessary, the sensor can be cut to the required length easily. No special tools or devices are necessary for disassembling and assembling the probe. During assembly and disassembly of the probe only a small working space of few inches above the probe is required. For example, piping and other installations above the baffle do not have to be removed. The probe can be factory-calibrated and delivered with a calibration certificate.

Facts For Decision Makers:

  • no special tools or devices needed
  • easy retrofitting
  • calibration at any time

Achema 2015 Hall 5.1 – C64