High Efficiency, Low Energy Consumption

FPC Pump Series

09.04.2015 The FPC pump series from Fristam Pumpen is particularly suitable for transporting media with a high gas content, for handling intermittent product inflow and for CIP-return applications. The hybrid pump scores with a high degree of efficiency, low sound emission and low energy consumption.


Pumping of liquids containing gas is a standard application in the food and beverage industry. However, in such cases it is often impossible to ensure continuous inflow to the pump. The manufacturer‘s newly developed series of hybrid pumps now offers a solution for such applications. These pumps are ideal for CIP-return processes and are capable of evacuating pipelines on the suction side and emptying tanks and vessels. On the suction side, they provide a combination of open impeller with upstream rotor screw. An eccentrically mounted rotor housing together with a recirculating pipe allow these hybrid pumps to provide trouble-free conveyance of liquids containing gas. Precise matching of the operating point in cases of intermittent flow is achieved by adjustment of either the impeller or the motor speed. The company manufactures all of its pumps from solid, premium-quality forged or cast stainless steel. Depending on specifications, the pump is equipped with a single or double mechanical seal, or a mechanical seal with flush, in whichever material combination suits the application. The materials used to make the seals are FDA-compliant. The maximum flow rate is about 80 m3/h, the maximum discharge pressure approximately 6 bar.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • for high gas content media
  • FDA-compliant seals
  • up to 80 m3/h flow

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