Up to 16 Analog or Digital Transmitters

GMA200 Fixed Gas Detection System

06.05.2015 The new fixed gas detection system belonging to GfG's GMA200 product family offers numerous options for the monitoring of combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen. Up to 16 analog or digital transmitters can be connected to the controller. 


In addition, the gas detection system has eight internal relays and optionally up to 64 external relays. For small plants the manufacturer offers the cost-efficient model GMA200-MW4 for the monitoring of up to four analog or 16 digital transmitters. Via additional gateways all systematically relevant data can be transmitted to higher-level systems such as PLC or DCS. GMA200-Visual visualization software ensures that all data can be clearly displayed.

The intrinsically safe transmitter IR29 is a four-beam-four-wavelength transmitter for the measurement of combustible hydrocarbons in hazardous areas. Transmitters of the series provide a cost-efficient solution for the measurement of combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen.

Hall 9.1 – B67

Facts for Decision Makers:


  • numerous options
  • external relays
  • additional gateways