Eight Tons, Hermetically Sealed

Hermetic Redefines Pump Portfolio

16.05.2018 Hermetic has repositioned its pump portfolio and divided it into two areas: E-Line and V-Line.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • single- or multi-stage
  • standard series or
  • custom designed

The pumps of the E-Line are designed for special requirements due to extreme applications and hazardous fluids that can not be covered with the V-Line. The manufacturer develops these canned motor pumps according to the requirements defined by the customer. One example is the E-Line multistage canned motor pump TCAMF 90/3 in submersible pump design. Weighing more than 8,000 kg, the pump and was developed and manufactured for Linde Group and is expected to be used in a natural gas processing plant in eastern Russia.

The new V-Line, on the other hand, focuses on needs-based performance, delivery time and price. At Achema the manufacturer presents two new versions: As a single-stage CN-CNF canned motor pump, available in 2 designs, 9 sizes, 4 motor sizes and 2 materials. Type CN is suitable for liquid handling equipment and type CNF for liquid gases, boiling media and condensates. The multi-stage design is called CAM. This type is suitable for liquids near vapour pressure as well as for standard applications. This pump series is available in 3 sizes, 6 motor sizes and 2 material versions. Upon request, all V-Line products are also available with the rotor monitoring system ACS.
The canned motor pumps use the manufacturer‘s ZART technology: Zero Axial and Radial Thrust. The combination of high-quality plain bearings and comprehensive axial thrust balancing results in contact-free and wear-free operation of the pumps. The axial forces are completely compensated. Specially developed systems such as MAP for E-Line and ACS for V-Line monitor the position of the rotor and provide information on undesirable operating modes or process conditions. The system guarantees a long service life and high reliability.


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