Hopper Solves Inflow Problems

Hyghspin 90 Hopper Polymer Screw Pump

05.05.2015 To achieve failure-free conveyance of viscous and sticky products, Jung Process Systems has developed a special transport solution based on a Hyghspin twin screw pump with a feed hopper and a double-acting mechanical seal.

Hyghspin 90 Hopper Polymer Screw Pump

The hopper feeder allows processing of sticky products (Picture: Jung Process Systems)

Such a system is already in operation at a customer‘s production site. The product to be conveyed has a viscosity of approx.100,000 mPas. This high viscosity together with the heavy friction losses in the piping at the suction side and a resulting very low NPSHa value place sophisticated demands on the pump to be used. Consequently the inflow of the product into the feed screw chamber is problematic. For these reasons the customer decided in favor of the hopper execution of the Hyghspin twin screw pump series. However, in contrast to the standard version this pump inlet is executed as a flange because the adhesive is processed in a closed circuit. As a further feature, the pump is fitted with a double-acting mechanical seal with pressurized buffer system instead of a lip seal. Use of the mechanical seal with barrier fluid precludes escape of product to the environment and entry of feed medium between the sliding surfaces. This solution ensures that the highly viscous feed medium falls into the feed chamber and can be transported pulsation-free and continuously without any problems.



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Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • pump inlet is executed as a flange 
  • mechanical seal with pressurized buffer system
  • handles viscous and sticky products