Higher Nitrogen Purity

IMT Nitrogen Generator NKat

05.05.2015 Inmatec has developed a new gas generator. The Nkat System uses the manufacturer's proprietary PAN technology. In this particular process, the nitrogen from the PAN generator is enriched with hydrogen. The hydrogen subsequently reacts the residual oxygen over an appropriate catalyst. The result is a higher nitrogen purity.

IMT Nitrogen Generator NKat

The new system significantly reduces the amount of compressed air required (Picture: Inmatec)

Use of the system makes an air factor of 2.9 possible, compared to 4 to 8 in former systems. The new system significantly reduces compressed air requirements. Thanks to this process, substantially smaller compressors can be used. The nitrogen and oxygen generators employ PAN technology (Power As Needed). The process facilitates optimum utilisation of the active carbon molecular sieve‘s adsorption potential. The efficient generators are particularly suitable for fluctuating levels of consumption. A constant supply is achieved without any change in purity. Compressed air consumption can also be reduced, as only the amount of compressed air actually needed to produce the required volume of nitrogen and oxygen is used. There are no idle cycles.


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Facts for Decision Makers:


  • higher gas purity
  • needs less compressed air
  • energy efficient