Designed to Meet API 676 Requirements

L3MA Screw Pumps

08.05.2015 Leistritz' L3MA three-spindle screw pumps were designed specifically to meet the demands of API 676. The standard covers the minimum requirements for rotating positive displacement pumps for use in the petrochemical and chemical industries as well as in the oil and gas industry.

L3MA Screw Pumps

API-compliant three-spindle screw pump L3MA (Picture: Leistritz)

Previously, three-spindle screw pumps available on the market were adapted to fulfill the requirements of API 676 as well as possible. The use of a new spindle material for the L3MA pump allows the spindles to be operated directly in a steel housing. This solution reduces the number of pump components and avoids expensive special designs as well as coating of the bearing surfaces and a separate steel casing with an internal liner for the    screw to run in. Instead of flat seals, only three O-ring static seals are used. A balanced, single-acting mechanical seal was selected as the standard seal. The pump is also optionally available with a single-acting cartridge mechanical seal. The maximum flow rate is 276 m3/h and the maximum discharge pressure is 20 bar. The viscosity of the fluid to be pumped can be between 10 and 10,000 cST.
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Facts for Decision-Makers:

  • new spindle material
  • fewer components 
  • balanced mechanical seal