Small Footprint

Main Methan Biogas Treatment Plant

17.04.2012 The Main Methan fully automated biogas treatment plant from Mainsite utilizes membrane technology.

The plant removes carbon dioxide from the raw biogas by exploiting the selective permeability of membranes for different gases. The purity of the resulting biomethane exceeds 97 percent and thus fulfills the quality requirements for feed-in into municipal gas distribution systems or natural gas fuelling stations. According to the manufacturer, it is easy to handle because no chemicals or other operating supplies are necessary. For that same reason, no waste water has to be treated. The plant has low maintenance requirements and does not need additional gas drying. In many cases, the high system operating pressure eliminates the need for additional compression of biomethane at the entry point of the gas distribution system. Thanks to its compact container design, the plant has only a small footprint.

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