Turns Hazards into Useful Chemicals

Mobile Emergency-Response System Mobile Hypo Unit

16.04.2012 GEA's emergency unit can absorb a ten times more chlorine gas than existing systems and convert it into bleaching solution.

The Mobile Hypo Unit (MHU) consists of a mobile chlorine absorption system, an emergency kit that enables connection to chlorine tank wagons and an auxiliary energy supply, and of a test bench. Weighing nine tons, it is housed in ISO containers which can be transported to the scene of an emergency by road, by rail, and possibly even by air. Once on site, the system rapidly becomes operational. In addition, the hyochlorite bleaching solution produced is re-usable and must not be disposed of as hazardous waste. Moreover, emissions from the plant contain hardly any chlorine gas and satisfy legal requirements. Such units is suitable for deployment in storage areas for liquid gases like SO², Cl², and NH³

Achema 2012 Hall 04 – F44