Single or Double Shaft

MultiProbe Valve

30.04.2015 Schuf enables plant operators to incorporate process analytical technology (PAT) into a reactor bottom outlet valve with built-in PAT probe monitoring capabilities.

MultiProbe Valve

Integrating PAT technology eliminates the need to modify existing reactors (Picture: Schuf)

The PAT probe is fitted through the valve actuator, stem and disc and is directly exposed to the medium in the reactor. The special sealing system in the MultiProbe valve ensures that the medium does not leak down along the valve stem, and that the PAT probe can be quickly removed between batches without having to remove the valve from the vessel. As the probe is located in the bottom part of the vessel, even low volume batches can be monitored in real time. Integrating PAT technology eliminates the need to modify existing reactors. It is a low-cost solution, allowing the implementation of modern PAT technology in both existing and new reactors. The valve is available in two basic configurations: The single shaft version has just one shaft in the valve stem to accommodate one PAT probe. The infrared PAT probe can incorporate a 1xPT100 temperature sensor. The dual probe version includes an over-sized valve stem with two independent shafts, one for the PAT probe and one for a traditional 2xPT100 temperature sensor. Each instrument can be installed or removed independently of the other.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • real-time monitoring
  • low-cost solution
  • two configurations

Achema 2015 Halle 8.0 – G35