Chemically Functionalized

Organic Cellulose Based Precoat Filter Aids

04.05.2015 Rettenmaier (JRS) has developed a group of chemically functionalized filter aids based on organic raw materials from renewable sources. These multipurpose filter aids enhance conventional (physical) particle separation by additional functionalities (such as selective adsorption, etc.). 


Functionalized filter aids offer not only significant process advantages such as longer filter cycles, better retention rates and lower total process costs. They could also allow users to perform multiple process steps simultaneously when using a conventional precoat filter system. Finally, the amount of filter residues for disposal is significantly reduced, which makes filtration processes more environmentally friendly and less polluting.

Achema 2015 Hall 6.0 – B52

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • based on renewable sources 
  • longer filter cycles
  • better retention rates