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22.12.2014 One Stop Shopping in Project Execution


Dynamism and change are the key issues in today‘s and tomorrow‘s markets. Whereas emerging markets have been able to gain ground, for example, in the areas of production and engineering, and benefit from increasing numbers of young, well-educated specialists, industrialised nations face increasingly saturated markets, increasing volatility in the business cycle, and challenging demographic developments. Time to market remains of top priority. For the process industry this means further shortening of project durations and planning with numerous breakpoints – decision gates. The complexity of projects has thus increased dramatically in recent years. The situation is further compounded by an increasing all-round limitation of resources for economic and also for purely demographic reasons.
In order to take account of changing demands, industry is increasingly entering into strategic partnerships with service providers which increase a company‘s flexibility and allow it to concentrate on its core business.
To shorten the project time from product development to market launch and to start generating necessary revenue as soon as possible, plantIng GmbH offers a variety of partnership concepts. With a staff of over 250 employees the company belongs to the major engineering companies in the German process industry and can provide all clients the necessary know-how and capacity to plan large-scale projects, also with local support. plantIng offers a high level of competence in all sectors and take on a variety of functions – according to requirements

1. General Engineering

EPCM – for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management – covers all tasks involved in project planning and implementation, from the very first to the very last step. From feasibility study to commissioning, plantIng handles the overall coordination as well as all engineering activities down to the last detail. Concurrent working is feasible here. Projects can be further developed to account for given circumstances and costs remain transparent. The concept, which also includes detail engineering, provides for change management, assures a high level of flexibility, and includes precisely that rate of high-end engineering which is required for special tasks in a given plant.

2. Shared Planning

Shared project execution with client‘s inhouse engineering can also be a worthwhile form of project organisation. Specifications are developed jointly. The concept enables short-term scheduling, and straightforward change management also offers the client a high degree of flexibility. However, a high level of inhouse engineering and project management competence are required, as well as ready availability of resources.

3. Site Engineering
In addition to its wealth of process industry expertise, plantIng also sets great store by direct contact to the client and to the corresponding plants in order to deliver perfect-fit and efficient project work. plantIng fulfils this requirement through its physical presence in regions characterised by extensive plant construction and by setting up engineering or project offices in this areas. This is also evident, for example, from the establishment of a presence in Hamburg and in the Rhine-Neckar region in 2013.
A local presence not only guarantees rapid and direct communication with the client but also offers decisive advantages, particularly in the case of on-site planning in all relevant sectors, through a precise knowledge of the plant and best-possible proximity to the client and the client‘s tools. On-site offices are an optimum solution with regard to short distances, personal contacts, and closeness to the plant.

4. Turnaround Management
plantIng can also offer the necessary expertise for successful planning and implementation in turnaround management.
A turnaround project usually has a large financial volume – investments of up to more than 50 million euros fur plant inspection, maintenance measures, cleaning, and replacement of old components are by no means uncommon. Additional projects integrated into a turnaround, such as plant optimisation and  expansion, can significantly increase the investments.
Turnaround projects of refineries and other plant operators are doomed to failure if they are attempted without adequate preparation and the right specialists and project partners. An ideal plant turnaround must therefore run like clockwork. In addition to mastering the „tools of his trade“, such as work scheduling and construction site planning, a turnaround manager must above all have experience in dealing with such exceptional circumstances. This requirement can only be fulfilled with experienced teams and interdisciplinary expertise.

5. Managed Service Provider
Outsourcing of tasks to an EPCM partner or detail planner admittedly provides room for cost flexibilisation and enables savings to be made. However, the administration, supervision, and management of all the services involved  can become increasingly complex. Certain standards are therefore necessary for quality assurance in the various processes. A solution is offered by plantIng GmbH in the form of a „Managed Service Provider“. Here the company functions as a standardised interface and optimises the processes proceeding between the client and the pool of planning partners. plantIng assumes responsibility for provision of a pre-defined range of services and thus not only relieves the client at the operative level, but provides support at the management level through organisation and administration. In addition to this centralisation of the project partners and standardisation of services, reporting, tendering, and order processing, plantIng takes care of development, supervision, and execution of clients‘ projects as managed service provider.

Company Profile

Facts and Figures

Company History
plantIng GmbH was founded on July 1, 2010 as a subsidiary of ABLE GROUP, Germany‘s leading engineering services company. In 2014 over 250 engineers and technicians worked in projects with total investment costs from 50 to 50,000 TEUR.

The Cologne-headquartered company is already the largest independent provider of engineering services for chemical, oil & gas, and petrochemical plant in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia. More­over, the company also provides services for the power, pharmacy and Life Science sectors.
plantIng GmbH is present at four locations (Cologne, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Rhine-Neckar region) and five project offices (Wesseling, Dormagen, Hannover, Marburg, Burghausen). Additional locations are planned for the future.

Range of Services
The company provides experienced project teams with the necessary expertise and planning tools to develop complete solutions along the entire process chain in modern plant engineering on the basis of project orders. Here the engineers and technicians focus mainly on green engineering – making  known processes more energy efficient is a guiding principle of the company‘s service offerings. These include feasibility studies, basic engineering, authority engineering, detail engineering, procurement, construction management, commissioning, and comprehensive project and quality management, as well as documentation. For the client this all translates into innovative solutions for technical questions and know-how based on many years of experience combined with state-of-the-art technologies in modern plant construction. Moreover, plantIng has the typical flexibility of a medium-size and regionally active company which has recourse to organisational processes and process expertise resembling those of large plant manufacturers.
Further Information at: www.plant-ing.de

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