Designed for Hygienic Applications

Pressure and Temperature Transmitters

15.05.2018 Belonging to the company's new V-line series, Labom's Pascal CV4 pressure transmitter and GV4 temperature transmitter comply with EHEDG and FDA recommendations and are thus suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries and in biotechnology.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • EHEDG and FDA compliant
  • compact dimensions
  • clear display

V-line devices combine compact construction with a large display and come with a special quick setup feature. Intuitive 4-button operation assists the user with a dialog window that optionally can be set to English or German language on a high-resolution and well-illuminated dot-matrix display. As standard the devices provide an output signal of 4…20 mA in 2-wire technology with HART protocol.

The Pascal CV4 pressure transmitter is available for nominal ranges of 250 mbar to 400 bar relative pressure and nominal ranges of 1 to 16 bar absolute pressure. The accuracy of the transmitter amounts to 0.15% and a turndown of up to 20:1 is possible. The GV4 transmitter for temperature has an accuracy of 0.1 K in a temperature range of –50 to 250 °C. The temperature transmitter is designed for invasive measurement in pipelines and vessels. In addition, using a patented clamp-on technology the instrument is also suitable for non-invasive hygienic temperature measurement.

Achema 2018 Hall 11.1 – F46


V-line devices combine compact construction with large displays. Image: Labom