Dynamic Response to Temperature Changes

Presto A45 and A45t Process Circulators

04.05.2015 The Presto A45 and A45t Process Circulators from Julabo are two highly dynamic temperature control systems suited for particularly demanding control tasks in laboratories and industrial plants. Typical applications are the temperature control of reactors, material stress tests, or temperature simulations. 

Presto A45 and A45t Process Circulators

The process circulators are suited for particularly demanding temperature control tasks (Picture: Julabo)

The units cover a working temperature range from -45 to +250 °C and provide up to 3.4 kW cooling capacity. They are robust and reliable even at ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C. The heating capacity of the A45 is 6 kW and that of the A45t is 12 kW. This permits the temperature control systems to rapidly compensate for exothermic and endothermic reactions. The units are equipped with maintenance-free pumps delivering up to 3.2 bar pressure and a flow rate of up to 80 l/min. The pump dynamically compensates for changes of the bath fluid‘s viscosity. The pump performance can be controlled either in four stages or via a preset pressure value. The units are controlled easily and interactively via an integrated 5,7“ industrial color touch screen. 


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Facts for Decision Makers:


  •  dynamic temperature control
  •  fast response to temperature changes
  •  maintenance-free pumps