Power Spring or Hand Wheel

PSF/-M Actuator

30.04.2015 PS Automation is showcasing its latest PSF linear actuator  with mechanical fail-safe function or optionally with manual override (PSF-M). The new intelligent actuator has the proven functions of the AMS product line but with a simpler functionality.

PSF/-M Actuator

The series is available with a thrust of either 1 or 2 kN (Picture: PS Automation)

Thanks to its robustness and small dimensions, the PSF actuator is an interesting extension of the company‘s product range for the industrial as well as the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning sectors. In the PSF series, an integrated spiral spring is responsible for the fail-safe function in case of power failure, with either extending or retracting stem. The PSF-M actuator with manual override can be operated by using the hand wheel or the two buttons of the local control. The microprocessor-supported control with integrated positioners in conjunction with the precise control of the brushless DC motor (BLDC) and the non-contact, non-wearing position decoding with a Hall sensor enables exact positioning and position monitoring. Important actuator functions like thrust, supply voltage, set value and temperature are monitored simultaneously. The power supply of 24 VAC/DC can be extended to 100-240 VAC by an optional wide range power supply. Additional accessories such as two signal relays or a heating system are also available. The series is available with a thrust of either 1 or 2 kN. The unit has a robust industrial design with polycarbonate cover; an powder-coated aluminum gearbox; compact design with low installation height and easy valve mounting.


Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • fail safe or manual
  • simple functionality
  • thrust of 1 or 2 kN

Achema Hall 8.0 – J36A