Safe Pumping of Extreme Media

Pumps V-AN and MPCV-AN

12.05.2018 The functional models of the special centrifugal pumps made by Bungartz have turned out to be a magnet for visitors at Achema. Visitors can convince themselves of the intrinsically safe pumps’ functionality and put them into operation at the stand.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • intrinsically safe
  • for extreme Media
  • self regulating

Three functional models are available to the visitors. For the first time, the fast, pressureless and complete unloading of a tanker truck by means of a self-regulating pumps is being shown. The model consists of a glass railway tank car in miniature scale. The V-AN vertical pumps independently adapt to variable feed rates – without any mechanical or electrical regulation equipment. Even experts are amazed time and time again when they see the cavitation-free pumping processes. They are safe to run dry and dependable, self-venting, and have a low NPSH value.  The 3-phase compatible and intrinsically safe chemical pump MPCV-AN is newly designed as all-ceramic version. It has proven successful when pumping extreme media which are at the same time hot, corrosive and abrasive.

Achema 2018 Hall 8 – C 1


Bungartz Pumping Technology

The functional model of a tanker truck unloading consists of a self-regulating pump and a glass railway tank car in miniature scale. Picture: Bungartz