Material Packing and Wedging Eliminated

Quantum Series Slide Gates

01.05.2015 Quantum Slide Gates from Vortex are used in various industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and foods. The orifice gate eliminates material packing and wedging associated with knife gates and butterfly valves. The design prevents material build-up by displacing material upon closure, then sweeping the gate clean on the opening stroke.


This self-cleaning feature ensures that the gate can close through a flowing or static column of material, without significant wear and tear. The device also allows for a fully open bore, which eliminates material bridging. The system provides an easy in-line maintenance solution and reduces seal replacement to a minimum.

Achema 2015 Hall 5 – E13

Facts for Decision Makers:


  • eliminates material build-up
  • self cleaning
  • fully open bore