Extended Packing Weight Spectrum

Roto-Packer Adams Mini Packing Machine

02.04.2015 By introducing the Roto-Packer Adams Mini, which is based on the company's proven Adams technology, Haver & Boecker has extended the packing weight spectrum so that packages of 1 to 10 kg  can now be filled for the first time.

Roto-Packer Adams Mini Packing Machine

The bags are closed airtight and weather resistant, and are clean and compact (Picture: Haver & Boecker)

The machine can pack bags of any selected weight between 1 and 10 kg at speeds of up to 600 bags/h. An additional module permits direct bag production from flat film within the Roto-Packer system. The bags are closed airtight and are weather-resistant, clean and compact. Moreover, they offer a perfect appearance. Also from a marketing standpoint, PE bags offer additional advantages in that they allow for full-surface, multiple-colour printing and photo-quality images, product information and barcodes. This high quality packaging enhances the perceived value of the product which can be presented standing up on store shelves. Users save on packaging and stocking costs, and have fewer customer complaints.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • 1 to 10 kg
  • 600 bags/h
  • airtight bags

Achema 2015 Hall 5 – C87